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Wednesday Tube Time

Posted by Adam on January 9, 2007

A pretty stacked night of television for Wednesday, and Lost and American Idol haven’t even started back up yet!  Unfortunately, everything seems to be on at the same time.  Let’s get right into it.

What to watch:

  • The Knights of Prosperity, 9:00 ABC.  The pilot last week was histerical, let’s hope this isn’t bumped do to the President’s Iraq speech.
  • The Sopranos replay, 11:11 A&E.  First airing is at 9, but that conflicts with stuff.

What to tivo:

  • Mythbusters, 9:00 Discovery Channel.  Then watch it between the Knights and Sopranos.
  • The Wire replay, 12 midnight BET.  It’s gonna be on Thursday normally, but they are churning out the first three episodes nightly through Friday.  First airing when everything else is on at 9.

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