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NFL Playoffs – Round 2 Picks

Posted by Adam on January 12, 2007

Last week was the trial run for me to see if I knew any better heading into the playoffs than I did the first half of the season in predicting games, both straight up and against the spread.  I think I did fairly well last week, though not exceptional.  It’s time to prove my worth.

  • Indy heads to Baltimore to face a spit and vinegar, no frills, just win baby, Ravens team.  By this point in time you should know the story.  Indy is awesome at home, but slightly less so on the road, especially is the road is outdoors on grass.  They supposedly have a historically bad run defense, though they managed to stop Larry Johnson last week.  The Ravens play awesome defense and mistake free offense.  Head coach Brian Billick, who gained prominance as the offensive coordinator for the Vikings before taking over the Baltimore gig, started calling plays halfway through the season and the team started to score slightly more than just enough.  I see the Ravens winning, but not by much.  I’m thinking that the 4 points may be just a bit high, so take the Colts and the points when in Vegas.
  • Philadelphia travels to the city that would not die, New Orleans, in Saturday’s late game.  Philly was less bad than the G’nts last week, but still only won with a last second field goal.  Brian Westbrook very well could have a field day on the ground, but that won’t be enough for the Eagles to keep pace with NFC MVP Drew Brees and the high powered Saints offense.  In a tale of two QBs, the better one will win.  The Superdome will be rocking tomorrow.  Take the Saints and the 5 points, it could be a route.
  • Early Sunday the Seahawks travel to Chicago to take on my team, Da Bears.  As a Bears fan I am very frightened heading into the playoffs, because of . . . no, not Sexy Rexy Grossman . . . the once mighty defense.  The last few weeks of the seaosn the Bears top ranked D looked anything but.  However they get some injured players back this week in Tank Johnson and Nathan Vashar, which should be enough help to keep the Seahawks in check.  The ‘Hawks got lucky last week, and won’t have the  luxary of their aluminum clad home field advantage.  I don’t buy that that weather plays a role here, but the kickoff of this game is 10:00 am Seattle time and that does matter.  With the Seattle secondary in worse shape than the Bears’ I  can see Grossman having a good game.  The pick is the Bears.  9 points on the other hand seems really high, but if they are going to win its going to be running away.  They cover.
  • The final game of the weekend features a coaching battle that doesn’t seem fair.  The Chargers finished with only two losses and the best record in the NFL.  The Patriots won a weak division, yet couldn’t capitalize with a first round bye.  Brady and Belichick have been here before and won before.  Schottenheimer has been here before too, but the last time he had success was over a decade ago, and Phillip Rivers is our  playoff virgin.  San Diego has more talent on the field, but that won’t decide this one.  In what is technically an upset, take the 4.5 points and New England, and watch the better coached team win outright.

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