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Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

Posted by Adam on February 2, 2008

Just wanted to take a couple of minutes to let you guys know about a pretty cool little game and community. I used to be a huge professional wrestling fan, but over the last year I’ve more or less stopped watching completely. The problem for me is that the characters and stories have become pretty stale. If you feel the same way and have thought, “I know I could do a better job than McMahon and company are doing right now,” you finally can have your chance to prove it in the Shootclub Online Wrestling Game.

The game gives you a chance to create your own wrestler (free at first, and after 5 month long cycles it is just a small maintenance fee) and off you go. Cut promos/interviews against the competition, compete in matches, win titles. Its all there for you to conquer. If you are interested, go check out the website at Shootclub Online Wrestling Game. If you are a wrestling fan you will not be disappointed. It’s the closest thing to being in the business, without being in the business.


4 Responses to “Shootclub Online Wrestling Game”

  1. NFM said

    Is this any different than the thousands of free E-Feds that are out there?

  2. brian speer said

    Yes it is. It is a 2-sided game with a very challenging arsenal guessing/prediction system for the computer generated matches and a promo side that features matches and shows written and put together by players/promoters/officials. As stated above…it WAS free for up to 5 months…but that has recently been changed to a year in the academy (or second level leagues…of which there are two: Shootclub Wrestling or SCW and Shootclub International or SCI). Heck, it’s free to join and try…what’s to lose?
    p.s.-prepare to be addicted.

  3. Hello All.
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  4. Andy, I realized after I posted my comment that I laid it on kinda thick, and I apologize for such a wordy comment. I don’t often comment on blogs, a Click

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