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Sunday Tube Time

Posted by Adam on January 14, 2007

Football games notwithstanding, we are going to take a look at an absolutely stacked night of primetime viewing.

What to watch:

  • 24 – 8:00 on Fox – The best show on television.  Even if you haven’t seen the 1st five seasons you can easily get into this.  Watch it, you have no excuse.
  • Demetri Martin – 10:00 on Comedy Central – I’ve never seen his standup, but he is funny on the Daily Show, and it’s not like people have ever left that show and done anything successful (Colbert Report, The Office, et al).
  • Frisky Dingo – Midnight:30 on Cartoon Network – Adult Swim tends to ebb and flow, and right now this is the only show worth watching.  Truly absurd, but each outrageous circumstance builds on the prior ones leaving you aching for more.

What to tivo:

  • The Apprentice LA – 9:00 on NBC – I’ve been an a fan of this show since season one, though last season I didn’t watch because it was up against 24 or something.  This season they move to the west coast and the losers live in shanty town tents.  The privleged having to slum it up always makes for good TV.  You could also probably catch this later in the week on CNBC, Bravo, or MSNBC at some point.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s F Word – Midnight on BBC America – You may know chef Ramsay from Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen.  He’s made to look like a foul mouthed ass on that show.   This show shows him in a better light.  He’s very demanding, but he’s also just dedicated to his craft.  This is the replay, it originally airs at 9:00.

Catch it On Demand:

  • Rome – HBO – originally airs at 9:00, replays on HBO-W at midnight.  It also airs on various HBO outlets throughout the week, so if you don’t have On Demand check the listings for a replay.  Based loosely on the historical period of Augustus and the group.  The end of the 1st season saw Caesar get stabbed to death by the Senate (et tu Brute).  This season picks up right after that.  Titus Pullo is a bad ass.

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