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Monday Night Raw-ful

Posted by Adam on January 8, 2007

Towards the end of the first half beat down Florida was giving Ohio State I decided to flip over to wrestling on USA to see what was going on.  I used to watch WWE religiously up through my college days, but it finally got to the point of being so boring and unimaginative that I have more or less weened myself off of it.  I’ll still keep up with results and who’s champ now and then, but I haven’t watched in months and don’t feel any worse for wear.  Anyways, I read that Triple H, arguably the biggest star the WWE currently has, tore his other quad muscle (yes other, he tore the first about five years ago, talk about bad luck) at last night’s PPV that nobody ordered, so I decided to flip over and see if they got desperate and brought over a big name to make up for the loss.

No big name, but what I was treated to was Vince McMahon putting on a match between “Rosie O’Donnell” and “Donald Trump”.  Two piss poor look-a-likes actually tried to wrestle a match for at least five minutes while the sad sacks who actually paid to attend this epic event started chants of “Boooorrrrrrrrrr-ing” and “We want wrestling” after the confusion and shock went through their systems.  It was so bad that after flipping back to the football game I had the strong desire to keep going back to WWE just to see how bad it could possibly get.  It got worse.  Vince McMahon has lost all touch with reality.  WWE is dead.  Somewhere a Native American sheds a tear.  His name is Chief Wahoo McDaniel . . . or maybe Tatanka.


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