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HBO Syndicated

Posted by Adam on January 7, 2007

This week marks a landmark for television syndication as both The Wire and The Sopranos make their basic cable syndication debuts.  There is presidence for this move, as syndicated episodes of Sex And The City have been airing on TBS for a couple of years now.  Admittedly I never really watched SATC, but from the couple of episodes I saw I was unsure how the transition to basic cable would work.  From what I’ve heard, fans of the show enjoy seeing the re-runs, but it is lacking something its unedited version.

However if editing content was an issue for Sex And the City, then it is going to be a much bigger deal for The Sopranos and The Wire, both of which have a lot more that needs to be “cleaned up” for basic cable.  I have been a fan of Tony and the gang for many years now, but I am unsure if I actually saw all of the early episodes (and if I did I cannot remember them off the top of my head).  This past season, the fourth for you counting at home, of the Baltimore drug-war set drama was the first that I watched.  I was able to thoroughly enjoy the depth of story and character that the show brought to the table, and I am now curious to see how it all began.

It should be interesting to see how both of these shows hold up.  The Sopranos will begin airing on A&E Wednesday, January 10 at 9:00 pm EST with 2 back to back episodes airing in a 2 hour, 11 minute time block.  The debut episodes repeat throughout the night, with new episodes airing weekly in the same time slot.  The Wire debuts the same night on BET, also at 9:00 pm EST, with a special three night premier continuing through Friday.  It falls into its regular time slot of 9:00 pm EST Thursday nights the following week, getting a full hour and a half to air each episode.   Both shows originally aired commerical free on HBO in one hour timeslots, though episodes could last anywhere from 45 minutes to the full hour, so it is tough to predict just how much footage will be eliminated in syndication.

If you have never seen either of these shows, I high recommend checking one or both of them out.  I think even in their edited forms, the writing and general storytelling are strong enough to keep you captivated.  I’ll let you know if I still feel that way after viewing my first “watered down” episodes later in the week.


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