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The Death Pool

Posted by Adam on January 1, 2007

We’re creepy and we’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky.  We’re all together ooky:  Adam’s family.  Case in point – Death Pool ’07.

My mom, in a trend that stems through her entire side of the family, has a theory that famous people die in threesomes.  It’s not a totally unique belief, as I have come to find others who have heard about this as well.  It’s become a running joke in the family though, as every time a notable personality passes away we begin the lookout for who will join them.  Sometimes it works out, other times you get an extra body or two, but mostly you end up reaching for a third.   The accepted deadline for the passings is somewhere between a week and 10 days, but of course Mom Rules are in affect so things can, and often do, change.  Basically for a person to count though, at least two people have to have been familiar with them.

Things got ratcheted up to notches unheard of this past Thanksgiving when we decided to conduct the first ever family Death Pool.  Myself, Mom, Dad, and my aunt (on my mom’s side – like you needed to ask) have each chosen 20 notable names and marked them for death in the coming year (retroactive to the 1st of December).  My brother, citing morals and karma as reasoning, declined to participate, but he is taking an active role as resident score (crypt?) keeper.   He said that ultimately it was his friends who talked him out of participating, though they were all quick with names for him in case he did decide to sell his soul.  Evidently these same friends are starting to get creeped out by the family’s Nostradamus-like penchant for properly prognosticating perishment.

We’re a month into the competition and already three unfortunate listees have moved on to the other side:  Joseph Barbera, Gerald Ford, and Saddam Hussein.  Whether I should be proud or ashamed, I currently hold a 2-1-1-1 lead.  The way the names have been getting crossed off, I shudder to think what happens if the trend continues.  For those of you curious enough to follow the action, here is my list.  May you not find your name below:

  • Ariel Sharon
  • B. B. King
  • Charlton Heston
  • Dick Clark
  • Don Herbert (TV’s Mr. Wizard)
  • Evel Kinevel
  • Fats Domino
  • Fidel Castro
  • Gerald Ford
  • Jack Klugman
  • Jake Lamotta
  • John Wooden
  • Joseph Barbera
  • Kirk Douglas
  • Lady Bird Johnson
  • Leona Helmsley
  • Muhammed Ali
  • Ron Santo
  • Walter Cronkite

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