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The NFL Post – week 4

Posted by Adam on September 29, 2006

How I Did

5-8-1 ATS, 10-4 straight up (21-24-1, 32-14 for the season).
What I Learned

Good teams find a way to win.  Chicago, Baltimore, and active Steve Smith Carolina all came from behind late to win their games last week.  Cincinnati and Denver seem like legitimate playoff teams, while New England and Pittsburg should still be competitve but are not as strong as in past seasons.  The guys in Vegas know what they are doing.  Two weeks ago only one dog who beat the spread did not win outright.  This week there were four such teams.

What Was Reinforced

Despite Green Bay winning and Tennessee  hanging with Miami until the end, I still don’t see them combined with Oakland winning many games this year.  The offense isn’t there for Tennessee, the defense is non-existant for Green Bay, and everything is awry in Oakland.  Also, this is still a quarterback’s league.  The team with the better QB won almost every game last week, with Brady’s loss to Plummer the glaring exception (though to be fair, New England has no established receivers).  Finally the spread is killer.

What To Expect

Are the Jets a legitimate contender in the AFC (L)east?  I don’t expect them to beat Indy (even with the game at the Meadowlands), but if they beat the nine point spread that has to make them better than anyone could’ve predicted in the pre-season.  Even with Shaun Alexander hurt, I think Sunday night’s game could very well be a preview of the NFC championship game.  We’ll find out who the best team in the conference is by Monday.
The Picks

  •  IND -9 over NYJ
  • SD -2.5 over BAL
  • MIN +1 over BUF
  • TEN +9.5 over DAL (Dallas outright)
  • KC -7 over SF
  • CAR -7 over NO
  • ARI +7.5 over ATL (Atlanta outright)
  • HOU +3.5 over MIA
  • STL -6 over DET
  • CIN -6 over NE
  • JAX -3 over WAS
  • CLE -3 over OAK
  • CHI -3.5 over SEA
  • GB +11 over PHI (Philadelphia outright)

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