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The Supernova Burnout: Finale

Posted by Adam on September 13, 2006

And so it has come to this.  Tonight we find out “whose cuisine will reign supreme!” . . . sorry, wrong show.  The time has come for the world to find out who will join the 80s hair explosion trio of Tommy, Gilby, and Jason to form everyone’s favorite made-for-television rock and roll band.  May the best man (or woman) win on the season finale of Rock Star: Supernova.

After a very brief recap of last night we head straight into announcing the bottom two.  As last night’s show went off the air the popularity order was Dilana, Toby, Lukas, and Magni.  Over the course of the night only Toby dropped to join the other two guys in elimination eligibility.  Right off the bat I am surprised that all four were not in the bottom two at some point.  I would continue to be surprised as Lukas, who I thought was the worst of the bunch last night, staved off early elimination.  Magni and Toby each performed a song.

Magni was up first, electing to perform Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire”, a song that he did an excellent job on during a prior elimination saving performance.  Once again it was a solid effort, letting him show off his guitar skills in addition to his knack for delivering the goods on classic rock songs.  Not sure if rehashing a previous song was the best choice for him though.

Toby’s turn came next as he sang “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, also a song that he performed weeks ago on the show (though not during an elimination night).  Just a so-so performance for me, but the crowd ate it up and are clearly in love with the Aussie.  I don’t think Supernova will boot him before Magni, so he better hope his next performance is much better if he wants to win.  Though will Supernova pick either of these guys to front them since they were in the bottom two already?

Gilby is up to lay down the law.  Without even talking about Toby he says that the Supernovans respect and enjoy Magni, but they feel that he is more a part of the band than the lead singer of the band and make him the first casualty of the night.  I don’t disagree with the reasoning, and I would imagine that Magni may even take that as a compliment, but I find it funny coming from three larger than life rock personalities.  To think that any of the wannabes will stand out and in front of the egos and personas of the Supernovans is hard to imagine.  So we have Lukas, Dilana, and Toby remaining who have stood apart since the beginning of the show’s run.  After a brief look back at each it is time for the final performances, which will also be rehashes of the wannabes’ favorite songs of the competition.  Eh.

Lukas starts it off with The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony”.  What was one of his better performances of the season loses some of its impact this go around, perhaps because we know how he is going to sing it.  Case in point, the silence and lighting effect midway through has absolutely no energy or wow factor this time.  He probably picked the right song, but the overall effort could’ve been better.

Dilana chooses to resing “Zombie” by The Cranberries, which is a song that I remember also being one of her better ones in my mind.  Sadly the song brings out what I like least about Dilana: the hoarsey voice, the yodelling, and the frantic, mummer-like movements.  As I watched her go through the song I could not picture the South African fronting Supernova.

Toby finished the song fest with The Killer’s “Somebody Told Me”.  Another solid choice, as it is a song that suits his singing style well.  Again nothing too special, though he showed that out of the remaining three he can work a crowd the best.  I think it will either be him or Lukas, and I think that Toby would ulitmately pull in the most money for the group.  Interesting to note that we still have a half hour of show time left as we go to commercial and the Supernovans debate.

Jason is up with the break down of the trio.  He starts with Toby.  Toby has the best vocal range of the bunch, his performances have kept getting better and better and better, and . . . he’s the next one to go.  Wow, that came out of nowhere!  The crowd is not thrilled, but the Aussie doesn’t seem surprised.  Being in the bottom two tonight probably hurt him.  So Dilana and Lukas are the final two, and both dressed in dark colors Dave gets off a valid zinger about them looking like they are in a goth marriage.  Brooke makes the bonehead comment of the night by saying that they were the highest vote getters last night.  Really?  You mean the two wannabes who weren’t in the bottom two were in the top two?  That’s amazing!  Another deliberation, aka stall for television suspense time, is needed before a winner is announced.

Tommy “The Hatchet Man” Lee is out with his patented Tommy-Hawk to deliver the final edict.  He has nothing but praise to shower upon both Lukas and Dilana, and ultimately they cop out and say that they are listening to the fans and going with the highest vote getter, rendering tonight’s entire show pointless.  The conspiracy theorists can start to run wild, because your new lead singer of Supernova is . . . Lukas Rossi.

Interesting to note that both winners of the two seasons of Rock Star have hailed from Toronto, so whoever the Canadian on the next incarnation is has got to be the front runner.  I think Lukas is the safe choice, but he has seemed to deteriorate in my eyes as the show has run its course.  He was the most rocking of anyone in the early weeks, but in an effort to “show range” he seemed to become more mellow and whiney as the field got whittled down.  I’d go as far to say that he and Ryan were the antithesis of each other, and I now have no clue what to expect out of him fronting this band.

If the final two songs of the show, which had Lukas, Tommy, Gilby, and Jason in full Supernovan splendor closing it out, are any indication this will not be what people are expecting.   I am willing to make the allowance that this is a very crude and unpolished Supernova that we heard tonight, and they have three months to figure things out and find a sound that works the best for them.  My guess is that sound will be nothing like the tidbits we heard and saw over the run of Rock Star.  I am eager to hear what the end result will ultimately be, but I am not too sure that I will enjoy it as much as I initially thought I would many weeks back.  Let’s hope that Mr. Butch Walker can work his magic one more time.  I’ve had fun writing these recaps each week, and I hope you have enjoyed reading.  Now I have to find something new to write about.


3 Responses to “The Supernova Burnout: Finale”

  1. ching said

    Sad to hear that they finally chose Lukas Rossi! I cannot imagine him surviving the glitz and bruhaha of rock and roll! We have another emergency case here people! Case in point, during their day with the press, he just did not handle himself well…he sucked!

    His voice sounds artificial to me. He would not last a 2 hours live performance with the band. I do not see the fit and I feel that his negative energy will bring the band down. So let’s just wait and see if Lukas can prove us wrong!

  2. Strannix said

    Ching, unfortunately, you speak out of ignorance. This is not a rip, simply an observation as you know nothing of Rossi and his previous decade playing clubs & festivals. His material with Cleavage & Rise Electric is fairly easily accessible online, so give it a listen. His vocal range is much more impressive than he ever bothered to show in this competition, and he will be more than capable of keeping his voice in good shape to outlast the tour & front the band.

    In the end, he was the strongest original songwriter, and the most adaptable with his material to the needs of the band. And it is with no small amount of vainglory that I boast that I am now 2-0 in predicting the winner of the Rock Star competitions over that past two seasons…from week 1!

  3. Aeronslair said

    i agree that not everyone can be blessed with enough talent but can be splendored with fans. i never thought how the rock star competition came to this end. pardon to rossi’s fanbase but he haven’t passed on my taste as a versatile rock musician. i’ve been watching and listening to a lot of rock music since my childhood including rock shows and competitions worldwide. the outcome of the rockstar: supernova must be the worst one i had witnessed as far as my rock listening and musicianship were concerned. but as what mr. lee said, the fans are still the giver of the verdict. it is as if the band, the supertrio is powerless and limp in choosing the right one. i just hope that the three legends can manage to be manned by an aspiring legend wannabe. i just don’t wanna hear their music in the future, even how well the frontman sings his unlikely rock music styles. so, goodluck dudes and i feel sorry for the three of you.

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