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Rock Star: Supernova week 11

Posted by Adam on September 12, 2006

The final Tuesday edition of Rock Star: Supernova finds four wannabes remaining.  Off the heels of last week we can surely expect each to perform at least two songs, perhaps even three.  Will they get to do new originals?  Will they sing Supernova tracks?  Will Supernova perform?  Will anyone get eliminated tonight?  Also, a former wannabe will return to play a special fan request.  Who will it be?  It’s the second to last show as we start week 11, the final week, of Rock Star: Supernova.

We start off with the fan choice encore, and it should come as no surprise that it is Ryan back to sing his original, “Back of Your Car”.  He is much more humble and polite this go around, thanking the band for the opportunity before giving a reserved performance.  He also wins a car for winning the online vote.

Brooke then informs us how tonight and tomorrow will break down.  Tonight each wannabe sings two songs, a cover and the same original as last week (which I don’t dig at all since we’ve already heard Toby and Lukas sing their’s twice and Dilana’s and Magni’s were forgettable).  Bottom two start off tomorrow night singing for elimination, and then I would imagine the remianing three each perform one last song before a winner is chosen and closes the show with Supernova.  With a rehash of the originals this could be a lackluster second to last show.

Nice juxtaposition by Toby with his song choice, singing the softer more melodic “Karma Police” before going into his full of energy original.  Also, the fact that he was the umpteenth wannabe to have Magni play during his song makes me think that Magni’s guitar skills have got to be as strong as his vocals (and perhaps even better than my mad Guitar Hero virtual shredding abilities).

A few weeks ago one of my friends mention how Lukas reminded him of a young kid who you could beat up, and my opinion of the Torontonian has not been the same since.  I wanted to deny my buddy’s claim, but as I’ve watched and listened to the pussification of my one time favorite I don’t the image is too far fetched.  What I liked about Lukas was his throwback to 80’s glam rock, but lately the heavy stuff has been replaced by a subltler, softer, whiny vibe.  By performing Coldplay and then an acoustic version of his original Lukas just seems out of place with Supernova.  Surprisingly Gilby and Tommy fawned all over him (Jason didn’t comment) reinforcing in my mind what some conspiracy theorists have speculated since the beginning of the show – that Supernova made Lukas their choice long ago.  If last week’s voting was any indication (when Lukas made a similar song choice and toned down Nirvana) he will be in the bottom two again.

Dilana had an interesting set.  “Roxanne” was probably her best sung song on the show, as she started it out a cappella and I heard no hint of the raspiness that usually accompanies her vocals.  Another nice touch during the song when the other three wannabes provided the backup vocals.  Also surprising was the fact that the South African was literally prancing around the soundstage during her original, showing no sign of the torn calf that she suffered two weeks ago.  The raspiness returned during that song though, probably signalling that it is omnipresent when her energy picks up.  Not sure I’d enjoy hearing her screech through a Supernova album, but she performed well tonight.

Magni’s cover of “Hush” was the most energetic song of the night, and probably closest to what I would imagine Supernova to sound like.  However, Tommy’s comment about not remembering anything about his original cannot bode well for the Iceman.  Easily the most rocking set of the night though, which goes a long way in my book, but that might not make a difference in the voting.

The flash voting revealed the following order as the show went off the air:  Dilana, Toby, Lukas, and Magni bringing up the rear.  I definatly think that Lukas will be in the bottom two, and I am inclined to say that Magni will join him, though I will go as far to say that Toby may be safe for sure but Dilana could sneak down.   I would like to see Toby win it all, but my doubts have been piqued about whether or not the decision to go with Lukas has already been made.  I’m also wondering if Storm has slept with Tommy yet or that is something that won’t happen until the tour, but that is a question for another time.  Now we must wait until tomorrow to see the scripted conclusion that Mark Burnett has created.  I’m kidding about the scripted part . . . I hope.  Your set list:

  1. Toby – “Karma Police” by Radiohead and “Throw it Away”
  2. Lukas – “Fix You” by Coldplay and “Headspin” (acoustic)
  3. Dilana – “Roxanne” by The Police and “Super Soul”
  4. Magni – “Hush” by Deep Purple and “When the Time Comes”

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