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The Supernova Burnout week 10

Posted by Adam on September 6, 2006

Original Supernova track debuts! Encores! Elmination performances! The Tommy-Hawk! Yes boys and girls, it is the results show for Rock Star: Supernova. Let’s do this!

Noticable lack of fluff this week, as we don’t even get mansion footage to dissect. In its place we get fawn sessions for Lukas and Toby, which allows for one of the best lines of the season. In response to a girl in the crowd yellling at him to go out with her, Toby tells her “maybe in ten years.” After that it was straight into the new Supernova track, “It’s All Love.”

Magni had frontman honors this week for what is undoubtedly the hair band ballad of the new CD. I think Magni’s style was more befitting of this track, and that probably had more than anything to do with him getting selected over Storm. As for the song itself, I think Magni held his own, but given that it was a slower more melodic song it was tough to compare to previous weeks efforts. The song seemed pretty generic to me and did not get me excicted for the CD at all. Hopefully Supernova returns to bring the rock again in the final week.

The encore went to Toby, who won a new Honda Element by being selected. I am very surprised by this, but not for the obvious reason. Toby’s original song “Throw it Away” was by far the best of the night last night, and I am happy to see him rewarded for his efforts. However not only did I not expect the Supernovans to make an original song an encore, but I also figured that since Toby had the encore last week he would not be performing again. Evs.

As the show went off the air last night the voting order was Toby, Lukas, Magni, Storm, and Dilana, meaning Toby and Lukas would be safe. Brooke informs us that all five of the wannabes were in the bottom three at some point over the course of voting, and at this point in the competition that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

First up to perform is Storm, showcasing her vocal chops with Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. A very emotional performance, that we find out was dedicated to her mom, which caused tears to flow not only from Storm but from Jason as well. Storm is probably the best pure singer out of the remaining five, but I’m not sure that was the right type of song to be singing on elimination night. It was a good performance, but I think if the other two tracks tonight are more Supernova type of music she could be gone.

Performee number two is Dilana who says that she is overdue to sing punk rock, so she chooses “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick. Not the first song I think of when I hear the word punk, but I am proven wrong from the first note. Dilana turns up the speed and rockets through the song. Might be my favorite performance by her ever, and it couldn’t have come at a better time because I had her pegged for elimination heading into tonight. I now think she is safe. Also, probably my favorite reworking of a classic song that I’ve heard on the show as well. She may not have been my most liked, but I give credit where credit is due. Although I will point out that again, not neccessarily the type of song you would hear Supernova perform.

The final wannabe up for elimination tonight is Lukas, who decides to perform his original track, “Headspin” one more time. This being his first elimination performance, coupled with the fact that the Supernovans seem to dig him, and I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Upon a second listen to his song, I think it would actually get pretty good play on an alternative rock station. Also, probably the closest we’ve come tonight to hearing something that Tommy, Gilby, and Jason might play on tour. He’s safe.

So for the first time in many weeks my predictions were pretty accurate last night. I nailed Lukas and Dilana being in the bottom three, and I was really torn between adding Storm or Magni (OK, so I picked the wrong one, but close can count!). Gilby is up with the performance summary. Storm really mixed it up and showed lots of range in her song selection last night and tonight, but she’s been in the bottom three multiple times. Dilana has been the one to watch most of the season, but again bottom three multiple times now. First time in the bottom three for Lukas, and now with the experience under his belt he can sit down. Time for Tommy “the Hatchet Man” Lee to lay down the verdict, but he balks and passes off the Tommy-Hawk chain to Jason to do the honors. A love fest ensues, and when all is said and done Storm is sent packing. The love fest continues though, and even with all the babbling we finish up a good six or seven minutes before the end of the hour. We are now officially in the final week, and it has become Toby’s contest to lose I do believe.


2 Responses to “The Supernova Burnout week 10”

  1. Strannix said

    I was 2 for 3 in my Bottom 3 predictions as well this week; I had Magni, Storm & Dilana pegged. At least I called the elimination right (but wouldn’t you love to know what Jason was thinking when Storm brought him to tears?).

    I honestly don’t envy the band with their choice next week; all rockers bring something to the table. I also think we’re seeing even more discernible talent this season than last. Regardless, I’m stoked about next week!

  2. Strannix said

    Oops, forgot to say, I have a streaming mp3 of “Headspin” on my site if you wanted to check it out. You mentioned that you liked the song; it is the original version, by Lukas’ band Rise Electric. Just, FYI.

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