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Rock Star: Supernova week 10

Posted by Adam on September 5, 2006

We’re down to the final five wannabes, and in eight days from now Supernova will have an official lead singer. Who has what it takes to win? Have Tommy, Gilby, and Jason already decided who their man or woman is? It’s Tuesday night, so the wait is over to find out. Time for week 10 of Rock Star: Supernova!

The show starts off, as always, with our weekly dose of made-for-TV drama from the mansion. We actually learn a few meaningful things this go around. First, despite my crude attempts at reality show math the past few weeks, there will be four wannabes heading into the final week, so we won’t be having that double elimination I’ve been calling for. Also, each of the remaining five will be performing two songs this week, a cover and an original. Since none of those left standing have gotten a chance to show what their own stuff sounds like, this should be a telling week. The final bit of news comes later in the show when Brooke announces that the House Band will be the opening act for Supernova on tour. Evidently they will keep the runners-up around and kinda have an American Idol type tour. Not sure I dig that.

The mansion footage is relegated to a bit piece about them going in individually to write a song with Gilby. Toby gets praised highly, Lukas is shown to be unprepared, and Dilana once again gets the short end of the stick (Magni and Storm were not featured). I’m really thinking that someone affiliated with the band, either one of the Supernovans themselves or Mr. Butch Walker, is very much anti-Dilana as the mud slinging has been coming nonstop the past few shows. I can’t see her winning at this point, and before the performances she would have to be my favorite to go home this week.

If Dilana is getting the shaft, Lukas is getting the love. I did not enjoy his set at all tonight. First he took one of the all-time stadium rock anthems and stripped it all the way down and followed that up with another “tortured soul” original. Lukas has been one of my favorites througout the show’s run, and if I didn’t like what he did at all, I am amazed that none of the Supernovans had anything remotely negative to say about it. I couldn’t even understand the lyrics to a song I know until he got 30 seconds into it. It was about that point in the song that I was gonna forgive him for destroying it figuring he would stay soft til the second verse and then kick it up. Well the energy never came. Furthermore, after going soft and lullaby-like through the verses he tried to up the energy with his patented Lukas power voice for the chorus which just did not fit in with the rest of the song. Easily my worst of the night.

Dilana wasn’t so great either, but she evidently tore her calf muscle during rehersals (ouch!) so who knows how the discomfort was affecting her. Her cover was a passable version, but at this stage passable isn’t good enough. Also, I have to agree with Gilby when he said that her lyrics needed some work. As I sit here and right this immediately after the show I can’t even remember what Dilana’s original song was like, which doesn’t bode well for her.

Actually I can’t remember much about anyone’s original besides Toby’s. I know that Magni’s was a solid dose of angry rock, heavier than most of the stuff he has shown us. Much like his efforts over the weeks it was good, but not necessarily great. He should move on to the final week.

Storm had the honor of singing with Dave on lead guitar during her cover. She’s always probably had the best interaction with the band out of all the wannabes, and it showed this time out as well as she seemed to be able to share the spotlight with Mr. Navarro. Her original was my second favorite of the night. I’d call it a (girl) power rock song that had a memorable hook and chorus. Storm also had the full backing of the Supernovans tonight, so that in tandem with the strong fan base she has shown might let her squeak to safety.

The star of the night though was unquestionably the man from down under. I thought that Toby rushed through his cover, but maybe that was just because he couldn’t wait to get to his original. What a way to close the show. His song was an upbeat, catchy, radio friendly gem. It could easily be released this week and land in the top ten by the end of the month. Check this out on youtube as soon as it becomes available. Needless to say the Austrailian is now my favorite to win it all.

The flash voting gave us the rankings of all five wananbes instead of just the bottom three, and I’m sure they are less telling as they always appear. The rankings as the show went off the air were: Toby, Lukas, Magni, Storm, and Dilana. I agree with first and last, but I would change the middle part to look like: Storm, Magni, and Lukas. Lukas and Dilana easily make my bottom three, with Magni and Storm being neck and neck for the final performing spot tomorrow. While I would love to see Magni survive again, I think his change of fortune from last week was a one shot deal and he will be back in the bottom three tomorrow.

Storm performs with Supernova, and Magni gets the encore with “Back in the USSR”, because quite frankly I can’t see an original getting the encore.  Dilana goes home.  She’s been on a downward spiral since the criticism and her star is fading way to fast, plus with the leg injury the Supernovans can play it off like they are looking out for her well being.  Here’s the set list:

  1. Dilana – “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who and “Super Soul”
  2. Magni – “Back in the USSR” by The Beatles and “When the Time Comes”
  3. Storm – “Suffraggette City” by David Bowie and “(What the [What] is) Ladylike”
  4. Lukas – “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi and “Headspin”
  5. Toby – “Mr. Brightsides” by The Killers and “Throw it Away”

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