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The Supernova Burnout week 9

Posted by Adam on August 30, 2006

Only three more weeks of results show, and we will have ourselves a new lead singer for Tommy, Gilby, and Jason.  Until then we will have to settle for a new song debut and an elimination or two, as we find out the results of this week’s Rock Star: Supernova performances.

The mansion footage is total fluff this week (as opposed to the mostly fluff that it usually is), so we won’t waste our time there.  The new Supernova track of the week is called “It’s On” according to Jason, though listening to it, it may be called “Shine On”.  The honor to front the Supernovans goes to Lukas tonight.  My least favorite of the three songs that we’ve heard, as this does not have the catchy hook and sarcasm of the first two tracks they performed.  Also, while visually Lukas fits the band perfectly, I thought the vocals didn’t gel as well as Toby or Dilana did.  Of course this could be due to the song as well.  Out of the three who have gotten the chance to front the band, Toby seemed the most natural fit thus far.

Speaking of the Austrailian, he got graced with the encore performance tonight.  However, much like last week when he fronted the band, that did not mean he was safe from elimination.  Storm, Ryan, and Lukas were your bottom three after the flash vote at the end of last night’s show, and wouldn’t you know that Toby . . . and Dilana joined them.  Magni wins!  Oh wait, evidently that’s not how it works.  Good to see his blatant begging and pleading for votes last night was successful.  He deserves to stick around for at least another week.  Brooke says that this means he got the most votes this week, but for all we know he could’ve been in third place all night and the bottom three leapfrogged him back and forth.
Up first to sing is Ryan, performing The Who’s “Baba O’Riley”.  From the start of the song when he popped open a champagne bottle, to the twirling of his corded mic, to leaping off of the amp tower, this was nothing short of a manic and crazed performance.  I think he was trying to hard and blew up on stage.  His worst effort of the last few weeks.  I can’t see “the Dark Horse” surviving the night.

Storm was next to the stage, and perhaps gaining influence from Ryan’s performance, she is singing “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles.  Another energetic performance, but in a more controlled manner than the Dark Horse before her.  Not her best outing, but not her worst either.  You could tell she was having fun up there and felt back in her element.  With this being her first time singing to stave off elimination, my guess would be that she survives.

Our final singer tonight is Dilana, proving that my theory about the voting masses revolting against her for last week’s outbursts correct.  She decides to capitalize on her situation and sing the Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer”.  If I hadn’t seen Dilana do the whole crazy lady schtick during the first few weeks of the show, I would have been certain that she had snapped and gone off the deep end.  Maybe she did anyways.  It should’ve been a tip off when she stated that the song was dedicated to herself.  The intense eyes were working, the primal dancing, the banshee shrieks, it was all there.  Dilana even managed to forget some of the lyrics during the second half of the song.  I would think that this being her first forray into the brink of elmination she would be safe, but the downward spiral (blatant or not) is getting really bizarre.   We might have another shocker, as Dilana could get booted along side Ryan.

Gilby is up, and that means it’s time to dissect the dead wannabes walking.  Ryan has shown more growth than anyone in the history of the show, but is he right for Supernova?  Storm has been solid from the start, but where’s her growth?  Dilana’s performance came from left field tonight and they know she messed up during the song, but she’s earned serious cred with the boys.  Nobody gets to sit as we go to Tommy “the Hatchet Man” Lee for the verdict, and the ruling is Ryan is the only one going home.  The crowd shits all over Supernova, showering the decision with the loudest boo’s we have heard on the show.  Right decision though.  He was growing on me a lot, but out of those left it was his time to go.


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