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Rock Star: Supernova week 9

Posted by Adam on August 29, 2006

Tonight is Viewer’s Choice night on Rock Star: Supernova (of course by Friday when I checked the website I was unable to find song choice, so I’m not sure how long the voting window for song selection stayed open).  Will Dilana get another smear job?  Will “The Darkhorse” continue to get pushed to the top?  Will Storm just get back to rocking out?  Those answers and plenty more questions as we get rolling on week 9 of the competition.

The show begins with post results show drama at the mansion, as Dilana is torn up, down trodden, morose, and devastated.  Did I mention she’s upset?  It all comes to a boil when a camera tries to zoom in on her talking to Lukas and Magni.  She flicks off the camera and runs away in tears, smashing a wine glass in the process — a glass that ends up sending a shard into Magni’s forehead (of which he later passes off as “only a flesh wound”).  I just can’t feel that bad for Dilana.  She knew she was going on a reality show.  She knew that there were going to be cameras every.  She knew that anything she said anywhere could come back and haunt her.  And if she didn’t, then she should’ve done her homework.

Also, while it is Viewer’s Choice week, there was a wild card choice for each wannabe that was a song that had been performed by someone else.  And guess what?  The wildcard was selected for all six of them (overwhelmingly so for all save Ryan).  That means that not only do we get to judge their efforts tonight, but we have something to base each one off of.

Storm was my least favorite tonight, but I am left to wonder if that is partially due to her performing a song that I neither am in love with or fits her natural vocal range.  However, when I heard what both Lukas and Ryan were performing I wasn’t looking forward to them either and they both brought their A-games.  Really everyone else gave one of their top performances, so the voting will really hinge on who has more fans amongst the voting masses.  Bad news me thinks for Magni, who despite some hillarious campaigning during his bio bump into his song (“Austrailia vote for me cause I’m better looking than Toby”, etc.), looks like he is in trouble given the treatment the fans have given him the past two weeks.

With Toby and Dilana already having sung with Supernova, I think that Ryan will get his chance this week.  I would most like to hear Lukas, but I think even if he lands in the bottom three there is no way that he goes home this week.  Thus he can be held back another week to look extremely jealous when whoever gets picked is fronting the boys instead of him.  If there were to be an encore I would give it to the Torontonian for his refreshing take on the increasingly tiresome Nirvana covers that seem to be part of the patchwork of this show.

The live studio crowds they get have really taken away from some of the performances too I think.  Obviously, because this is television, it is all the “pretty” people who get the spots in front of the stage, while Joe and Jane Average are the ones in the unlit stadium seating behind the Supernovans.  The pretties are mindless drones though.  I don’t know if it is by their own accord or through the Pavlovian direction of the producers, but no matter what song is performed they all clap or sway their arms in unison.  These are the only two movements they are capable of doing, and quite frankly there are times during a song (or even some songs entirely) when this is not only unnecessary, but disrupting as well.  Furthermore when there is an instance when the performer wants the crowd to sing the chorus for him or her (as Toby did tonight) they seem to miss the cue unless verbally goaded multiple times.  This is supposed to be a crowd full of Supernova’s fans?  Um, OK.

It is almost impossible to predict who will be staving off elimination tomorrow by performing.  I’d probably have more luck just randomly selecting names, but since I am a glutton for punishment I will give it a go.  Storm, Ryan, and Lukas were in the bottom three as the show went off the air, but I can’t see all three still being there tomorrow.  We very well could have our first week where everyone was in the bottom at some point.  I’ll keep Storm there, as she was a rung below the rest in my mind (and the Supernovans seemed to agree).  Magni’s fans haven’t been supporting him this far, so I see no reason why things will change.  Add him.  For the third one, I am sticking with my gut reaction from last week and saying that the voting masses will send a message to Dilana and put her up for elimination.  Now watch it be Lukas, Ryan, and Toby instead.  Enjoy the set list with original Rock Star performer in brackets.

  1. Lukas – “Lithium” by Nirvana [Dilana]
  2. Magni – “I Alone” by Live [Ryan]
  3. Ryan – “Clocks” by Coldplay [Magni]
  4. Storm – “Bring Me To Life” by Evanesence (w/Toby on backup vocals) [Jill]
  5. Toby – “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol [Lukas]
  6. Dilana – “Mother, Mother” by Tracy Bonham [Jill]

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