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Friday Filecabinet 8.4

Posted by Adam on August 25, 2006

More quick hitting thoughts as we head into the weekend:

  • Those of you hoping for this week’s “Who Wants To Be a Superhero?” recap will have to settle for this brief write-up.  The producers collectively shot themselves in the foot by elminating everyone’s favorite spandexed somebody, Major Victory.  Stan’s reasoning is that he was a parody.  Well duh!  That’s why we loved him.  A made for Sci-Fi movie pitting Major Victroy against the Dark Enforcer would have been so bad that the unintentional comedy would have been off the charts.  We’re talking enough material for the best episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 ever.  Sadly Fat Momma and Feedback are both so dry and boring that I may not even watch the finale now.
  • USA basketball is cruising through the FIBA World Championships so far, but we are now in the medal rounds.  From what I can tell of their draw (assuming one side plays Saturday and the other on Sunday), they should cruise to the gold medal game.  There are two teams who I think have a chance of beating the U.S. – Spain and Argentina – and both appear to have gotten opposite side of the tournament draw.  Good for the Americans, but if they do manage to not play one of the other great squads before the finals that may come back to haunt them.
  • I’ve been meaning to write up a review on Talladega Nights since seeing it a couple of weeks ago, but it keeps getting put off.  I can tell you that it is an extremely funny movie that is a must see if you’ve ever liked anything Will Ferrell has done.  The supporting cast is great as well.  Hopefully I’ll get the full post about it up by Monday, if not sooner.  Also, I want to try and get up an entry about my favorite shows on TV right now, which I’m sure will foster some nice debate.  At any rate, the ideas are starting to flow again, I just need to sit down and write.
  • Couldn’t find the link to voting for the Viewer’s Choice week on Rock Star: Supernova.  My guess is voting already closed, because I know they tape the performance show in advance.  Sadly I can’t remember my favorite performances of those remaining, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they do.  On that note I am running out the door, so your filecabinet entry is a small folder this week.

2 Responses to “Friday Filecabinet 8.4”

  1. Strannix said

    I was so bummed that Victory was eliminated; at the very least the competition should have come down to he and Feedback. Fat Momma is as much a superhero as McGruff the Crime Dog. But you gotta finish out the season, come on! And, don’t you think that whomever gets the gig, that the movie & comic will likely involve everyone’s favorite winner (not weiner!)? I think the fans would demand it.

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