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The Supernova Burnout week 8

Posted by Adam on August 23, 2006

Here we are once again.  Who will sing with the band?  Who will get the encore?  Who (and how many) will get the hatchet?  It’s time to find out the results for Rock Star: Supernova week number 8!

Our opening recap/after show footage was actually somewhat interesting this week.  I tend to take the mansion coverage with a grain of salt, because it is very easy to edit down hours worth of tape (let alone a week’s worth) into almost anything you want it to be.  However, with that being said, Dilana came across as an asshole tonight.  I think it is safe to say that her and Ryan would not have anything to do with each other if they didn’t both happen to be auditioning to front Supernova.  Catty comments were made back and forth about not wanting to share lead singing duties with each other, and to me that part was understandable and humorous, but Dilana also saw fit to put down Ryan’s performance every way she could.  Then in a different segment where the wannabes had to be interviewed by three different talking heads (one of which was Mark from the original Road Rules, who evidently now works for Fox Reality because he finally got too old to be on all those MTV challenge shows, but I digress . . . ), Dilana felt it necessary to bury Lukas as well.  It seems to me that her head, like the Grinch’s heart after he gives back Christmas, has grown three sizes too big.  She would be well advised to listen, learn, and respect her fellow residents of Who (wants to be in Supernova) ville.

Speaking of Tommy, Gilby, and Jason, our debut original this week is called “Be Yourself (and Five Other Cliches).”  Even the song names have Mr. Butch Walker’s handwriting on them.  The song again seemed very much in his producing/song writing vein, but this go around had influences of the new British Invasion (think Artic Monkeys, The Zutons, The Kinks, et al).  Toby was selected to front them, and having heard his performance of the song I can’t think of any of the wannabes who would’ve done a better job.  Very different song than last week’s “Leave the Lights On”, and I think I like last week’s offering better.  I think that Toby gave a better performance than Dilana though, and if the songs continue to have the sarcastic, carefree vibe to them then the perceived front runners might not be right for the band.  The days are numbered before Patrice goes home, and Ryan, Dilana, and Magni might be too dark, angry, and/or grungy for this type of music.  Toby fits the mold the best, and I would like to hear Lukas and Storm get the next opportunities to front the boys because they may or may not be able to make it work well.

Our bottom three coming out of last night were Toby, Storm, and Patrice.  Suprisingly Magni is the only other competitor to join them on their feet.  Magni clearly does not have as big of a home grown fan base as the rest of those still alive.  If it were purely based on watching what these guys have done on this show, Magni should not be standing before Ryan or Dilana (not saying he is better than them, but he has performed just as well over the last few weeks, with emphasis on last night).

And surprise, surprise Magni is performing first with “Fire” by Jimmi Hendrix.  He decides to play guitar on the track and just murders the song, even prompting a raucous reaction from Tommy after he finishes (during a time when I’m pretty sure the Supernovans aren’t supposed to react).  He’s gotta be safe once again, but this is two weeks in a row when the masses have voted him to perform.  How many more chances are the boys willing to grant him, even if he continues to kill?

Patrice is up next, singing The Pretenders’ “Middle of the Road”.  I’m familiar with the group, but this was a song I did not recognize.  She gave a usual Patrice performance, solid, if not spectacular, and plenty cheery.  With the Ice Man delivering and the final performer of the night an elimination neophyte, Patrice has sung her last song.  I feel pretty confidant about that.

Finally, proving that even Supernova themselves can be shocked by the voting, Toby is called up to perform for the second time tonight.  “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots, performed earlier in the season by Magni, is his song of choice.  I remember Magni’s version being solid and faithful, but it does not stand out in my head.  Toby does a good job with the track, playing up to the crowd and tossing in a drum solo in the middle.  He sang with the boys earlier in the show, and it’s his first time in the bottom three, so he is safe.  Looking like it’s just going to be Patrice sent packing.

The band has talked things over and Gilby is here with the set-up.  They are shocked to see Toby up there, as they picked him to sing with them tonight, so he gets to sit down.  Magni killed, but this is two weeks in a row.  Patrice though has been here for four weeks now, but he’s glad she got a chance to sing her original.  With a build that weak it is blatantly obvious what is about to happen.  Tommy “The Hatched Man” Lee ends the misery by cutting Patrice clean and quick.

A few parting shots before I leave you.  No encore this week.  This is probably due to the double dip of drama revolving Dilana, but with Supernova debuting new songs with various wannabes each Wednesday now it also isn’t something they necessarily need to fill time.  With the numbers dwindling the encores may be done.

Also, as I again look at the match, we’ve got three more weeks before a winner is crowned.  We’re at six.  With single eliminations we go to five next week and four heading into the final week.  Even assuming they cut someone at the start of the final Wednesday, they would have to be down to three going into that show.  That means that we have double eliminations either next week, the week after, or both weeks.

Next week is viewers choice week, so it will be encores for everyone, but it should be six solid performances as everyone has nailed at least two songs.  I’ll have to look at the list of options, but I’ll try to toss out what I’d like to hear in this week’s Friday Filecabinet entry.  I would not be at all surprised if Dilana ends up in the bottom three next week though.  I think she may have lost a lot of votes due to how she came across tonight.  The drama is really starting to pick up!


2 Responses to “The Supernova Burnout week 8”

  1. Strannix said

    Don’t have much to quibble with, I think you fairly nailed the vibe of this week’s show. And, I think you’re right, we may be done with the encores. If I remember correctly, INXS did go into their final week with three contestants, MiG, Marty & JD, but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not this show will follow the same pattern. I don’t see how Supernova will get by without a double elimination at some point.

    What is up with Dilana? She seems to be getting the full Mark Burnett Productions villain-making special editing, of course she gave them plenty to work with. I don’t think it would hurt for her to end up in the Bottom 3 in these last few weeks. It worked out for JD, after all.

  2. asoc said

    You answered your own question. Welcome to Reality TV 101 by Mark Burnett. Ryan, who is your “weakest” performer left, was given an amazing amount of praise and press, thus propelling “the dark horse” up to the rest of the pack. Meanwhile, Dilana was made to look a little weaker than the dominator that had emerged, also bringing her back to the pack. After the suspect voting and eliminations that occured earlier in the season, I’m thinking that these things happened for a reason. It really could be any of the six who land in the bottom three from here on out.

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