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Rock Star: Supernova week 8

Posted by Adam on August 22, 2006

We’re getting rid of the dead weight on the show at a furious pace now, and I imagine after tomorrow night Patrice will join the also-rans on the sidelines and we’ll be down to those with a fair-to-middling shot or better of winning this thing (and Ryan, who continues to improve and clearly wants the gig, but more or less has no chance of winning). It’s not that I don’t like Patrice either, she’s just “more than happy” as George Carlin might say, plus the rock has got to be brought coming off of acoustic week. All things point to a solid show from start to finish. It’s time once again for Rock Star: Supernova.  I’m psyched!

During Brooke’s intro we learn that there are only three weeks left in the competition, so if I am doing my math right that means we’re looking at double eliminations from here on out for a three person finale (I can’t see them dumping three people in a single week at this point in time). Guess Ryan might be leaving us too. We also learn that there will be two originals performed this week, and amid much fighting and debate it will be Patrice and Ryan with the honors (thanks in large part to Toby’s reasoning that they have both repeatedly been in the bottom, so they deserve them). Might there be a curse of the originals if their own work does not save Ryan and Patrice?

Patrice starts out the show with her original and it’s a catchy, happy pop rock song as one might expect. I’m trying to think of an existing bands sound to compare it to, but can’t quite pigeon hold it. Picture something ala Better Than Ezra meets Pink: catchy, would probably best be categorized as rock, but definately too upbeat and glossy for Supernova.

Conversely, Ryan’s original is much angrier and cruder, in a good way. The Supernovans all claim it was his best and most rocking performance, and I am inclined to agree. It was a song I could see a band like the Foo Fighters playing, and while it might not be perfect for Supernova it was definately in the ballpark of what you might expect from the band.

It was an interesting week for the rest of the wannabes. I think that the encore battle will be between Magni and Lukas, and based on the Supernova response I’m leaning towards the Torontonian. The weird part about those who are left is that nobody is totally well-rounded. Magni can sing and perform, but his personality is somewhat bland; Patrice is too happy; Ryan too dark and tormented; Dilana’s voice is borderline painful; Lukas has the voice and persona, but his stage presence is awkward; Toby can’t seem to figure out when to leave a good thing alone; and Storm doesn’t seem to have enough of a powerful presence to front a group of this magnitude.

Storm got overwhelmed by her song this week. She may have sung it well, but the song was larger than she was (pun intended). Dilana probably gave her weakest performance to date, with a song that was quite frankly too subdued for her. Toby butchered the arrangement on the classic Layla (one of the greatest guitar songs of all time), but luckily for him he gave the performance of the night (performance wise, though the singing and rearrangement could very well outweigh the good). When you throw in Patrice to the equation we have four pegs for three holes boys and girls.

The bottom three in the flash vote were Patrice, Storm, and Toby. I’m inclined to say it will stay this way, but last week should have taught us something. Storm was in the bottom three at some point last week, and her performance then was worse than this week’s outing, yet she managed to not have to perform. Magni, however, did end up having to perform as part of the bottom three last week. Also, Toby was in the flash vote bottom three last week, but he managed to not end up there. Bottom line is that I think Patrice is the only automatic bid to sing tomorrow night. I’m going to lean towards putting Storm in the bottom three as well, because I think some people may have gone out of their way to save her last week and they won’t do so again this week. For the final spot on tomorrow’s set list I’m going to make the surprise pick of Dilana. She has yet to be in the bottom three, and I don’t think her performance this week was very strong at all (in fact she may have been the worst of the group). Patrice is the one to go though.

Quick correction on the number of shows left before I bid you farwell. They crown a winner in three weeks, on September 13, but that actually means including this week there are four weeks left. Figuring we are down to two for the final week, that means that five have to go over the next three weeks. I’m gonna guess they’ll go from four down to two for the finals, which means it will be double eliminations either this week or next (and I would lean towards this week). With that in mind I have no clue who will be going home with Patrice, it has become that wide open. And now your week 8 set list —

  1. Patrice – “Beautiful Thing” an original
  2. Magni – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana
  3. Ryan – “Back of Your Car” an original
  4. Storm – “Cryin” by Aerosmith
  5. Dilana – “Every Breath You Take” by The Police
  6. Toby – “Layla” by Derek and the Dominoes
  7. Lukas – “All These Things That I Have Done” by The Killers

One Response to “Rock Star: Supernova week 8”

  1. Strannix said

    I’ve posted my predictions for this week, if you’d care to check them out. I absolutely agree, that it is likely Patrice who’ll be sent packing this week. I’m picking Ryan as the surprise encore. I am very curious who’ll be fronting Supernova’s performance tomorrow night.

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