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Who Wants to be a Superhero week 4

Posted by Adam on August 18, 2006

It’s that time of the week once again true believers.  What has Stan Lee got cooked up for our hero hopefuls this go around?  Will the Dark Enforcer foil their exploits?  Will anyone eat Fat Momma’s donuts?  What will Major Victory do next?  The answers will leave you rolling on the floor!

The show begins with the someday supers spending some free time patrolling the streets; stopping evil doers and helping the innocent and weary.  Creature makes a litterer go back and pick up his trash along with others, Feedback stands in front of a lingerie store window to prevent small children from thinking impure thoughts, and Fat Momma criticizes a meter made for parking in a loading zone.  Huh?  But the star of the segment is once again Major Victory, who, after taking off his cape and using it to cover a puddle for two old ladies, finds a way to work in a moonwalk after helping said elderlies cross the street.

Just as Stan congratulates the group on their good deeds, the Dark Enforcer rears his ugly head (both figuratively and literally, have you seen this guy’s mug?).  Turns out he’s been away on recon, and he has gotten confessionals from those close to our spandexed squad.  The comments are nothing exciting, basically a tool to contradict the stories of our contestants, made watchable mainly due to the reactions and teasing of our favorite super villian.  The videos do provide Stan with the needed fodder to make an elimination though.

Based on the fact that in a past life she tossed trash out of a hotel room window, and perhaps in larger part because she jaywalked while on her earlier peace keeping mission, Creature was sent home.  The remainees are of course very saddened and will miss her.  Being the thoughtful and environmentally conscious girl that she is, Creature sends over a basket of organic fruit to the lair for breakfast the next morning.  Everyone is happy once again, except for the one who complains about all the fruit being raw off camera.

The next task is one that has been teased all season, as the caped contenders are sent off to rehabilitate hardened prisoners.  There is a catch however, as Stan bestows secret sub-tasks on each person.  Lemuria is up first and she needs to sit on her prisoners lap for ten seconds.  Our gal in gold hardly manages to break the ice with the prisoner, let alone get on her lap before being yelled out for touching.  Needless to say she fails.  Up next is Fat Momma who is tasked with brushing back said prisoners hair three times.  Despite constantly being told not to touch, F.M. manages to eek out three brush backs before being sent off.  The missions continued to be accomplished as Major Victory successfully places his hand on a large black prisoners shoulders over the course of his time.  Last up is Feedback who proves to be the most successful of our homegrown heroes.  He manages to successfully initiate three hugs with said prisoner by connecting with him about losing their fathers.

The task is over, so that means it’s time for the final elimination of the night.  Lemuria is on the block automatically since she failed her mini task.  Up against her is Major Victory.  Stan has had a problem with Major Victory from the start about his disrobing.  You see, our favorite Mr. Incredible look-a-like used to be a stripper in his previous life, and some traits are hard to kick.  While most of his costume has stayed on, Major Victory seems to lose his cape almost every time out (despite repeated warnings from Stan the man).  However, his clothing issues are not enough to eliminate him.  Lemuria’s lack of accomplishment with the prisoner ultimately leads to her demise, proving once again that Major Victory is a winner, not a weiner.


4 Responses to “Who Wants to be a Superhero week 4”

  1. Strannix said

    I cannot believe I found someone else who appreciates this show! LOL I even managed to make a convert out of one friend; she was over and railing on me for watching the show (hey, girl, it’s MY house), but by the end of the broadcast, she was hooked. Can’t qualify her a “true believer” yet, but time will tell. Excelsior!!

  2. tina said


  3. asoc said

    Glad to see another fan Tina. If the season finale was any indication, the made for Sci-Fi movie for Feedback is going to be unwatchable. Both he and Fat Momma were stiff as a board and did no acting in their promo trailers. The Dark Enforcer should steal the movie with his atrociously bad acting. How great would a Major Victory made for Sci-Fi movie had been. Victory vs. the Enforcer would be unintentional comic gold. They both would have been such bad actors that the drama would’ve turned into comedy! Oh well, a guy can dream.

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