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The Supernova Burnout week 7

Posted by Adam on August 16, 2006

We get a real treat during act one of the results show this week as Supernova announces they are going to make their debut performance. Footage from earlier in the week is shown of the wannabes all cutting a demo of the new track, and as they come back from tape it is announced that Dilana is the lucky one fronting them tonight. Not a real shock, as the gang seems to be enamored by her. In case you didn’t know that the recap show isn’t live, the camera footage switches to that glossy rock video production look that MTV has been using the last few years for their awards shows.

Dilana holds her own, but the song is the true star here. Its got Mr. Butch Walker’s fingerprints all over it, and that my friends is a very good thing. The single, entitle “Leave the Lights On”, could easily be a hit single for these guys. It’s got an extremely catchy chorus and a rocking sound. As far as the bands the band members have come from, I would say that the song most closely resembles something Motley Crue would do moreso than a Guns ‘n’ Roses or Metallica track, but that is more just for the sake of comparison as this song has more of a happy almost pop edge to it. If you are at all familiar with Butch Walker’s solo albums, think of one of his faster tracks with less tounge-in-cheekiness.

Realizing that time has been on their side the last few weeks, we also have time for an encore. The guys deservedly give the honor to Ryan (even if it may have partially been because Dilana already performed). It’s funny, because even though I think that Ryan only outranks Zayra and Patrice among the remainees, he has delivered some solid performances over the past couple of weeks.

Time to get down to the business of the evening, as Brooke has Zayra, Patrice, and Toby stand due to them being in the bottom three as the show went off the air. Storm and Magni join them before all is said and done. I think two things stand out to me here. First that Lukas avoided the bottom three for the second time after a less than stellar performance, and the other being that Magni landed in the bottom three at some point despite a solid outing. Says a lot about the fan bases for both of these guys. I am led to believe that Lukas’ look and attitude is more endearing to the teenage girls who probably do the bulk of the voting (whereas they are probably a smaller percentage of the overall audience, but the other audience segments don’t necessarily text in a vote or run onto the computer to vote online after the show).

Zayra is up first, hopefully signifying the beginning of the end for her. She chooses to perform “Razorblade” by Blue October and I can happily report that it was awful. I am familiar with the band but not with the song, so I don’t know how the original sounds though this version seemed to have an original arrangement to me. There were definately Spanish influences in it, and from the way she sang the song, I was unable to understand hardly any of the lyrics. Coincidentally the one lyric that I could make out was when Zayra sang “I am proud of what I’ve done.” Which is fitting, because despite her complete lack of chemistry with everything that Supernova and this show is about, she did stay true to herself. She’s gotta be gone, but the question is will anyone join her in leaving tonight?

Patrice is up next, and we’re two for two with who needs to be performing tonight. She decides to switch up her original plans to do a ballad and instead goes with “Celebrity Skin” by Hole. I believe this is the song Lukas butchered the week that I missed the performance episode, so I’m thinking Patrice has gotta look good compared to that. Unlike the last few songs she has chosen, this is actually a track that is bolstered by Patrice’s overwhelming giddiness to still be singing on national television. Pretty standard version of the song that is made better by Patrice touring the stage, making stops to dane with the bassist and the other remaining contestants, before spending the last part of the performance up with the Supernovans. Much better than Zayra, but Patrice has been in the bottom four times now I think, so this may be the end of the road for her. If it is, it was a good way to go out.

And our last wannabe to sing tonight is Magni. Slight shock here, and I honestly think that he is safe regardless of what he picks (barring monumental suckage). In a really weird move Magni chooses Radiohead’s “Creep” as his song of the night, implicitly dubbing tonight’s show “the Lukas Rossi edition”. Unlike Patrice, however, Magni picks a song that Lukas sang well.

About 30 seconds into his performance a storm hits and my satellite signal dies, only managing to come back right as the show switches to commercials for the final time. I cannot make this up. So I am left in the dark until the videos come up on MSN. My guess is that Magni sits down first, and Zayra is the only one sent packing after Gilby puts Patrice on notice.

Turns out I was spot on in my predictions, down to the order.  Magni was told that he wasn’t close to being eliminated, and then Patrice was told that they could see her possibly fronting Supernova before Tommy “The Hatchet Man” Lee sent Zayra packing.  And everyone was happy.  And there was much rejoicing.  And we all said …. Amen!


One Response to “The Supernova Burnout week 7”

  1. Strannix said

    Really spot-on analysis of what is going on with the show, much appreciated. It is so nice to see I’m not the only one obsessing over the show…seems there is a lot more blogging going on about American Idol, Survivor, etc. Seriously, what’s a million dollar prize in comparison to becoming a “rock star!”

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