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Rock Star: Supernova week 7

Posted by Adam on August 15, 2006

Wow we’re in week seven of the summer’s best show, and I can’t tell if that seems long or short but it doesn’t sound right.  Quick note of housekeeping before we sink our teeth into the rawk.  I have decided to create a new grouping specifically for the Rock Star recaps and burnouts, so you should now be able to easily access all things Rock Star quick and easy.  Also, once again the set list is at the end of the recap.  Now then, after the shocking double elimination last week will the wannabes step it up and build off of the all-around solid outing they delivered last week, or are we back to Zayra doing interpretive Spanish dance and Ryan channelling his inner Johnny Cash once again?  It’s time to find out.

Right off the bat I feel a sense of fear come over me as Brooke announces a “very special” stripped down acoustic show, complete with string quartet.  If half of the remaining troupe can pull off passable performances tonight we’ll be lucky.  Ugh.

In the song selection footage we find out that one of the auditioners will get a chance to perform an original song, though the only two who fight for it are Ryan and Zayra (with the latter winning out).  Dave bashes the wannabes for not wanting to do their original, but with this being a specialty week I can understand the reluctancy.  Outside of the two who wanted to do their original, I can’t help but think that everyone else’s own music would be too loud and plugged in for acoustic week.  It is also announced that Gilby will be playing unplugged guitar for Toby this week.

So Zayra’s song was good out of context.  I mean it sounded like something Enrique Iglesias might sing, and I could hear it being played on some Spanish station or even a top 40 station, but it was by no means right for this show.  If she doesn’t end up in the bottom three then this show may as well change its name to American Idol: Supernova.

Patrice actually picked a real good song for her voice and sang it well, but her style and performance just don’t mix.  Patrice’s look basically range from pop punk to British punk (she had a Green Day vibe going tonight).  Perhaps more importantly is the fact that she cannot hide how happy she is to still be performing.  I think its great that she is digging this awesome opportunity she has as much as she is, but the last couple of songs she has sung needed to be performed with an edge that wasn’t there.  However, with all that being said, she might just survive the bottom three this week.

And the reason she might live to sing another week is because Lukas and Storm, who have now official dropped to no-mans-land between the good and the bad, each failed to bring their A-games this week.  Despite the praise of Dave and the gang, I thought that Lukas picked a horrible song for his voice.  There is a certain type of song that Lukas can sound really good on, but it seems that he can just as likely sound whiny and gravely with the wrong material.  I can’t really explain it perfectly, but know that is different than the problem I have with Dilana.  Dilana’s voice is just not refined at all, and it sounds hoarse no matter what she sings, however Lukas has sounded clear and powerful before.  Maybe it goes back to Jason’s complaints about him restricting his “instrument”.

Storm was probably fighting a losing battle before she even began her performance.  Much like Jill’s decision to perform “Respect” last week, “I Will Survive” is never going to be a rock song.  Unlike Jill, Storm at least partially didn’t have a choice in performing it.  Clearly this had to be the song that was left over for the week, and somebody was gonna get stuck with it.  There really wasn’t much effort in attempting to vary the song on Storm’s part though, and, as Dave pointed out,  Marty somehow made “Hit Me Baby One More Time” work as a rock song last season.  Tommy did get off the line of the night after the performance though, calling it “sauteed in wrong sauce.”

On the other end of the spectrum, it looks like it will be a close battle for the encore tomorrow night as well.  Toby, Ryan, and Dilana all had strong performances.  Personally I would give the encore to Ryan who gave a very strong and intense performance, clearly riding the momentum of his elimination saving rendition of “Enjoy the Silence” last week.  Toby gave a high energy version of his song and even through in the nice touch of closing the song on the bongos himself, but it may have been too faithful to the original to be repeated.  The same could be said for Dilana’s performance, save the lack of bongos, but the Supernova boys seem to really dig her vibe, so she may get the double dip.  She continues to grow on me, but I still have issues with her voice.

So it should be a close week in voting, as four wannabes vie to stay out of three spots.  I would have to imagine that Zayra will land in the bottom three after a week away between her song being both a pop ballad and in a foreign language.  Storm getting panned by the judges and also not really rocking out should land her in the bottom as well.  As for the third, I think that between the Supernovan praise and his track record Lukas will remain seated tomorrow, meaning happy Patrice will be singing for her spot.  Just to throw a monkey wrench into things though, the flash voting reveals Zayra, Patrice, and …. Toby in the immediate bottom three.  I’m starting to think that playing with a member of Supernova may be more curse than blessing, as it seems to kill you in the voting.  I guess people just take for granted the added support equaling more votes so they vote for others, where in reality the reverse is happening.  At any rate, I don’t think Toby will remain in the bottom, but it was eye opening.  And now your set list:

  1. Zayra – “Lluvia De Mar” (original song performed in Spanish)
  2. Magni – “Starman” by David Bowie
  3. Patrice – “Message in a Bottle” by The Police
  4. Lukas – “Hero” by Chad Kroeger (the Spider-man movie song)
  5. Storm – “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
  6. Toby – “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel
  7. Ryan – “In the Air Tonight” by Phl Collins
  8. Dilana – “Cat’s in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin

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  1. Enabler said

    Major Victory is Major Pissed hearing that you think there’s a better show out there. As he would say, “Put your hands on my sexy hips and follow me to the band wagon!”

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