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Flavor of Love

Posted by Adam on August 14, 2006

There really isn’t much to recap in this show per say.  Technically it is a reality show competition, but anyone who says that they care about who wins is lying.  Flavor of Love is about the journey my friends, and what a back-ass-wards journey it is!  Just when you think the absurdity is at the highest level something even more ridiculous happens … like a girl crapping on our man Flav’s stairs!  Welcome to the Jerry Springer of reality television.

This week’s installment gets off to an amazing start, as Flavor Flav is shown eating fried chicken during his testimonial/confessional scenes for the first half of the show, and lest I forget to mention he’s wearing a fantastic gold viking hat comeplete with ear flaps the whole time.  Flav takes three girls out on a date and spends time with each of them individually on a gondola ride, which Flav incorrectly refers to as a “gonzolia” for the entirity of the show.  Two of the girls, Like Dat and Buckwild, are chatting while they wait their turn.  Buckwild is a white girl who acts the most gangsta and ghetto out of everyone in the house, while Like Dat is actually from the ghetto.  Buckwild tells Like Dat that she is from Rancho Cuckamunga which evidently is not the ghetto, so Like Dat now things she is a faker.  I have no clue where the actual ghetto is, but more drama on this show can only be a good thing.

Back at the house, the girls who didn’t go on the date decide to pass the time by having a “booty contest”, which evidently just involves lots of ass shaking, and playing truth-or-dare, which involves skinny dipping and (literal) ass kissing.  These girls aren’t happy to be on TV at all.  No, they are just there to fall in love with Flav.

The quote of the night comes from the soon-to-be eliminated Wire, as she tells the rest of the girls that “she wants dark babies.”  Wire is the whitish girl in the house by the way.  This is followed closely by Something deciding that she is happy that she took a crap on national television in the middle of someone’s house.  Again, I have no doubt that each of these girls would be doing this behind closed doors if it meant they could fall in love with Flavor Flav.  There is absolutely no pandering to the camera at all.

You have to give it up for your man Flav though.  Anyone who can come out dressed in pimp pajamas with a royal cape and crown on over them for an elimination ceremony and not be ridiculed is doing something right.  I mean all the guy has to do is shout out his name after he is done speaking to the girls and they all reply back in unison, “Flavor Flav!”  That is something special my friends, much like this show.


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