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Who Wants to be a Superhero week 3

Posted by Adam on August 11, 2006

This week’s show starts with the re-debut of the Dark Enforcer to the remaining seven hopefuls. Surprisingly most of the costumed contestants feel shocked and betrayed to find their former friend turned foe. After the Dark Enforcer leaves the lair a near cat fight actually breaks out between Lemuria and Fat Momma, sparked by the evil turn of Mr. big gun.

The first task this week is to go buy lunch at a nearby restaurant and bring it back for inspection. As Stan is about to examine the nutrition, the Dark Enforcer appears on a second screen to reveal that in reality this was a test to see if the heroes-to-be can conceal their hidden identity. You see he bribed the staff and put up hidden cameras in the restaurant. Wow, this guy is so much better as a villian. I am actually upset he had to be a hero for the first two weeks. Fat Momma and Feedback are the only two who do not divulge their alter egoes. The rest of the gang succumbs to the temptation and flirtation of the waitstaff. Monkey Woman actually goes as far as to tell the waiter she is an actress and thus seals her fate. She is the first one gone tonight.

Task number two involved the spandexed six traversing what they believed to be a five story high wooden beam to save a damsel in distress. However the Dark Enforcer once again turned the tides on the troupe. With each contestant blindfolded, they were unable to realize that they had been turned around and that the beam was actually resting on the ground only five inches high. Despite the sinister switch all of the heroes showed courage and were safe from elimination, but that didn’t mean that highlights were not to be had. Fat Momma actually gave the damsel a donut to help energize her for the walk back across the beam, though that was only good enough for the second best performance. Major Victory helped to maintain his lead as he not only worried about his hair getting messed up by the wind (provided by the Dark Enforcer via a large fan), but he also instructed the damsel to place her hands on his “sexy hips” as he guided her back to safety.

Since everyone passed the courage test, Stan asked the remaining lair members who they would eliminate if they were in his place. Creature started things out by saying that she felt inferior to the rest of the group and that she, herself, should be the one to leave. Feedback, Major Victory, and Lemuria followed suit, but Tyveculus and Fat Momma decided to call others out. Stan revealed that this task was to test self-sacrifice and called Tyveculus and Fat Momma out to face elimination. Upon review it was deemed that Fat Momma (who called out Feedback due to concern that he was too hard on himself after failure) was looking out for the safety of her fellow hero, where as Tyveculus (who called out Lemuria for confronting her fear of heights because “she could have died”) was just looking out for his own good. Tyveculus was the next to be eliminated.

Major Victory, Feedback, and Fat Momma console Tyveculus as he leaves while Lemuria and Creature watch in the distance. Back at the lair Fat Momma calls out the others for being frauds and just telling Stan what he wanted to hear. Lemuria even admits to it and says that she is playing a game and is here to win. As the show ends Fat Momma states that she is now playing for revenge and to get back at everyone. If that doesn’t sound like a villian in the making, then I don’t know what does.


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