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Friday Filecabinet 8.2

Posted by Adam on August 11, 2006

As I attempt to get back to a daily updating schedule, here is another dose of tidbits and thoughts that have been floating around my head.

  • If this week’s episode of Flavor of Love is half as entertaining as the season premier I might just have to start recapping it here for a Monday column. Between none of the girls being remotely attractive, one being an alcoholic, another litterally taking a crap in the middle of the stairs, and no less than 2 of them bring “homemade” clocks to Flav as a present this show has serious potential.
  • I hate to say it, but the Las Vegas strip is quickly becoming too pricey for its own good. Even in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, in the dead of summer (supposedly the slowest of slow times in the year for tourists) most strip hotels were near $100 a night and the lowest limit tables were $10, plus the days of the cheap Vegas buffet has died (the food quality may be better, but $20 for a cafeteria style meal is still pricey). The places that did have cheaper rooms/lower limits are all older establishments rumored to be rennovated and/or imploded within the next couple of years, meaning that by the end of the decade the low income, cheap bastards like myself will be relegated to downtown or other off-strip establishments. Not saying this is awful, but it is disappointing to me. Stupid trendiness.
  • So Mr. Landis maybe won’t go down in history as the next in the line of great Floyds after all. Guess Floyd couldn’t avoid the roids noid. It is fishy that his tests on the stages before and after the positive results came up negative, but then again he wasn’t 8 minutes back at any other time in the race. I wanted to believe Landis, but the cornucopia of excuses lead me to believe he’s just trying to find a story people will buy. Can someone tell this guy that the more tales he makes up the faster his credibility (if he has any left) declines?
  • Mel Gibson is meshugge and a putz. Translation: he’s a crazy son-of-a-bitch! And please don’t read anything into this. That is not a compliment by any means.
  • If you are in Wal-Mart and looking to find an hour’s worth of quality entertainment for cheap, pick up a copy of Grandmasters of Wrestling , Vol. 2. You’ll find it with the $1 DVDs by the checkout. Basically this is the second half of an independent wrestling league called Maccabeah Wrestling that takes place in a high school gym in New Jersey. Not only do you get to witness Nikolai Volkoff sing Hava Nagila, but you get to bear witness to the worst/best match I have ever seen. The Iron Sheik defends the Maccabeah Title against the Mighty Maccabee, a masked skinny white kid. I don’t want to ruin this epic, but look out for the posedown between the two men, the Sheik’s feat of strength with his clubs, the “choke” on the ropes midway through the match, and some truly amazing mic work. By the time I finished watching these 25 slowest minutes of wrestling in my life I found myself wanting “five more minutes, five more minutes!” Definately worth the price.

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