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The Supernova Burnout week 6

Posted by Adam on August 9, 2006

The skies are clouding up and I’m hoping they pass so I can watch the results to completion. Thunderstorms equal loss of satellite signal, which means bad things for everyone wanting to read this.

After the ten minute schmozz of canned drama that opens the show the Supernovans decide to grace us with two encores. First one went to Lukas, so my prediction held up. The second went to a very deserving Magni, though instead of a repeat of his solo acoustic performance he was backed by the House Band this go around.

Jill, Patrice, and Zayra were in the bottom three after the flash results last night, and we find out that Ryan and Josh were also at the bottom over the course of voting. No shocker here, as these five have established themselves are the also-rans. Surprisingly Zayra is immediately saved and told she is not in the bottom tonight.

Jill is up first performing “Respect” by Aretha Franklin. Very bizarre choice here, and between the R&B roots of the song and the powerhouse voice of its originator. Jill tries to turn it into a rock cover, but her effort falls flat. The changes she made took away from the runs and soul of the song, and her singing and performance left much to be desired. Not looking good for her.

Josh’s turn, as he goes with “Shooting Star” by Bad Company. Unlike Jill, Josh has chosen a song that suits him well. Unfortunately after getting called out for being stuck behind his guitar during last night’s performance, he sticks to his guns and again decides to accompany the band on guitar. Safe and solid performance, but nothing spectacular. The guitar may have killed him, but I think he is edging out Jill right now.

Ryan is the next on the brink of elimination, and he decides to sing “Enjoy the Silence” by Depeche Mode. He should know that going the bizarro Zayra route with your songs is not the way to go, and it probably isn’t coincidence that our Spanish temptress went safe (relatively speaking) this week and lives to sing another week as Ryan sings for his life this week. He changes the arrangement a little, but not enough to mask the song. Going the troubled soul route that he seems to bring to every performance, Ryan actually sheds his black hoodie to reveal a red t-shirt (marking the first time to my knowledge that he has worn anything but black). Maybe he should keep adding color to his wardrobe, as he clearly showed passion on stage and should be safe.

Of course my thoughts haven’t been the same as Supernova the last couple of weeks, but they do deem Ryan to be the best of the bunch tonight and dismiss him to his seat. Gilby says the band is troubled that this is the third week that Jill is in the bottom three, but they are also weary of Josh’s stage presence and whether or not his voice can be heard over the band. Tommy “The Hatchet Man” Lee gets the mic and decides that its time to get serious and cuts both Josh and Jill. Can’t argue with that really, as neither one has been remotely consistent and neither brought their A-game tonight. The surviving eight are off to Vegas, and I’m sure made for TV hijinx will ensue (though the real debauchary will be shrouded in mystery).


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