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Rock Star: Supernova week 6

Posted by Adam on August 8, 2006

Just want to give you an idea of what to expect on here in the next few days. You’ll get normal weekly installments of the Burnout tomorrow and Superherodom on Thursday. In between or after you can also look out for an entry on Las Vegas (the city, not the show), and possibly Flavor of Love, ATHF, and/or fantasy football. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming —

Another interesting week in Rock Star land, but aren’t they all. I think the wannabes are finally focusing in on songs that fit their voice/style, as the song choices were by and large matched up as best as they could be. This also marked our first week sans Nirvana (though the Rolling Stones streak continued); and different song choices are never a bad thing. Overall I would say that the ten performances tonight were the best collective effort yet, as even the in between performances leaned more towards the good than the bad. This is proof that song choice is the key in this competition.

Highlights of the week were bountiful. Ryan continued his quest to never wear any color besdies black to a whole new level by not only singing “Paint It Black”, but he came equipped with black hood, wig, masscara, and nail polish to boot. Nice forshadowing with Magni playing guitar on Zayra’s song and then returning later in the show with guitar still in hand for his performance. Speaking of Zayra, this week was probably her best performance, and by best I mean her rendition of “All the Young Dudes” actually sounded a bit like the original. I still can’t get past her accent though.

The Supernova boys continued to outshine their wannabe front people. Tommy Lee suprised Josh by backing him on “Interstate Love Song”, though Josh seemed glued to the stage and had no interaction with any of the band, let alone the tattooed drummer. Even chalking that performance up to the shock and surprise of the moment, Dilana also seemed to take a back seat to Gilby despite knowing he would be up on stage with her. The lack of a true singing voice became even more evident when Gilby joined Dilana on the chorus of “Won’t Be Fooled Again” and there was no harmony between the two.

Of course Dave, Gilby, Tommy, and Jason all had nothing but praise for Dilana continuing to fuel my speculation that there be some blatant manipulation going on. Not that I have anything against Dilana, but her performance did not seem as slam dunk as the Supernovans would lead you to believe it was. Ditto for Lukas, who gave a bounce back performance but probably not an encore one (which seems likely given the band’s reaction after he finished). Should be interesting to see the round about logic for who gets kicked off tomorrow night, though if things hold up it won’t matter who leaves.

Our bottom three coming out of the show in the flash voting were Jill, Patrice, and Zayra and really I can’t see that changing. I would give the encore to Magni, but would not be upset if Storm received it either, however based on Supernovan reaction I will predict that it goes to Lukas. Gut reaction on the elimination is Jill as she has said the wrong things and doesn’t have the chops to front this band. I think I am with the masses though in saying that Zayra’s time is past due. Barring major disaster from anyone else though, I think that these three ladies will all be gone within the next three shows. Now for those who are interested and missed the show, here is tonight’s set list:

  1. Dilana – “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who (w/ Gilby on guitar)
  2. Jill – “Mother, Mother” by Tracy Bonham
  3. Ryan – “Paint It Black” – your Rolling Stones fix of the week
  4. Storm – “We Are The Champions” by Queen (w/ Balls wifebeater)
  5. Zayra – “All The Young Dudes” by David Bowie (w/ top hat and gold spandex and Magni on guitar)
  6. Josh – “Interstate Love Song” by Stone Temple Pilots (w/ guitar and Tommy Lee on drums)
  7. Magni – “The Dolphins Cry” by Live (solo acoustic performance)
  8. Patrice – “Instant Karma” by John Lennon (w/ guitar)
  9. Lukas – “Creep” by Radiohead
  10. Toby – “Burning Down the House” by Talking Heads

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