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Friday Filecabinet 7.3

Posted by Adam on July 28, 2006

Welcome back kiddies.  This week we’ve got must-see TV, head scratching sports trades, and a music review of sorts.  Something for the entire pop culture loving family!  Shall we?

  • Got a chance to check out the debut of Sci-Fi Channel’s “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?” last night, and what a pleasant surprise the show turned out to be.  Look for a detailed recap of the program tomorrow.
  • Despite my best efforts to persuade everyone to the contrary, it appears that Allen Iverson is staying put in Philadelphia for the upcoming season.  Instead of landing one of the top guards in the NBA, the Hawks are reportedly set to sign-and-trade Al Harrington to the Pacers, along with backup center John Edwards, for the financial relief gift set:  a future first round pick, a trade exception, and cash (rumored to be around $3 million).  Atlanta Spirit-gate continues to baffle me.  I suppose this deal is better than the alternative (getting nothing in return for Harrington signing elsewhere), but the Hawks had a lot of leverage.  Charlotte was the only other team in the league with enough cap space to realistically sign Harrington to a fair deal, so if any other team in the league showed interest in Harrington they would have needed Atlanta to help broker the deal.  Obviously the dysfunctional family of owners in charge of the Hawks do not care about fielding a competitve team; only about pinching every penny they can.
  • On the other side of A-town, the Braves are supposedly considering trading highly talented utility infielder Wilson Betemit to the Yankees for relief pitching aid.  I’ve already talked about my feelings on the Braves before, but Betemit could be a fixture in the Atlanta infield for the rest of the decade.  This would be the final nail in the Braves coffin.  Inside this coffin?  Competitiveness for the next five years.
  • I bought the new Butch Walker CD last week – The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker and the Lets-Go-Out-Tonights, which really leads me to a few different things worth mentioning.  I’ll begin with a Readers Digest worthy review.  If there’s one talent that everyone knows that Mr. Butch Walker has, it is his ability to write a catch pop-rock diddy.  In this regard, he is able to deliver a very strong opening to his new album.  The first four songs (tracks 2-5 for you counting at home, since the first track is just a 20 second intro) are all very catchy and hooky.  Each has gotten stuck in my head at some point over the last week.  Unfortunately the CD drops off dramatically after this.  What comes next is a slew of ballads and songs with an apparent overtone of country-western influence.  Lost in this shuffle is the one quality track of the second part of the album (Song Without a Chorus).  Depending on how much you pay for singles I would recommend the CD for the opening tracks, but if you are looking to save money just get “Hot Girls in Good Moods”, “Ladies and Gentlemen …”, “Bethamphetamine”, and the aforementioned “Song Without a Chorus”.
  • The thing that surprises me the most about Mr. Butch Walker is his seemingly massive cult following.  This is a guy who has mainly made his fortunes in the music industry by writing for and producing the likes of The All-American Rejects, Pink, Bowling for Soup, and Lit amongst others.  I was first exposed to Butch during the later years of the Marvelous 3, a semi-local rock group based in Atlanta.  They floated around the local music festivals and concert series.  The group’s biggest hit would be “Freak of the Week” which I know got radio play locally, and I am inclined to believe it got at least a certain level of national exposure.  The Marvelous 3 went their separate ways around the turn of the century, and between producing top 40 hits for the previously mentioned groups Mr. Butch Walker continued making his own music and has put out multiple CDs with different backing bands.  What amazes me is that from a performing stand point I had no idea that Walker was as well known as he is.  There are fans of his from coast-to-coast and even in Canada.  How an artist with very little national radio play can emerge into such a popular personality befuddles me, but it couldn’t come to a more deserving man.
  • One final note on Butch as we wind up today’s post – the band name.  Nowadays you don’t come across too many high quality band names.  Most are obscure references or names that refer to the group as a whole, such as Coldplay, Pearl Jam, or Metallica.  Then there are those names which do a fair job of bringing a title to the band, I like to refer to these as the “The” bands (The Rolling Stones, The Offspring, The Ramones, et al).  However I often long for the days when group names were just a matter of filling in the blanks.  It was [lead singer] and the [rest of the band].  While they don’t sound like much all the time, Martha  and the Vandellas, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and Morris Day and the Time tell you everything you need to know about the group.  That’s why I smile everytime I hear about bands who know not to mess with a good thing.  So thank you Butch Walker for bringing along the Lets-Go-Out-Tonights for the ride.  You have followed in the recent footsteps of Honest Bob and the Factory-To-Dealer Incentives and Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders.  A good band name is like a Mad Lib.  Just fill in the blanks and the possibilities are endless.

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