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Rock Star: Supernova week 4

Posted by Adam on July 25, 2006

Burning questions heading into tonight’s show: Will Storm Large give Tommy Lee (and the rest of the viewing public) another subtle hint as to where to find au natural pictures of her? Will Toby rebound? Will Zayra finally get a clue? Will Gilby Clark finally stop censoring himself and tell some of the wannabes how awful they really are? Will Tommy Lee puke, pass out, or fall out of his chair?

The talent disparity on this show is remarkable. I don’t even know if it’s fair to use the word talent when so few actually are. At least I can hold solice in the fact that I can refrain from using the word rockers to describe the group as a whole. With that said, the show itself still rocks and remains the best show on the air right now. So who stood out this week?

If you were to believe Dave Navarro and the Supernova boys (there’s a band name for you), you might think the show moved to VH1. After all I lost count on how many wannabes performances were described as their “best week yet.” I’m not as kind. Best yet also doesn’t entail “good.” In fact I found a decent number of the songs to be downright forgettable this week (Patrice, Jill, Phil, and Josh included). Part of me wants to say this is due to the catalog of songs they have to choose from. Bands/artists whose songs were featured for the second, third, or even fourth time this week included: Nirvana, Billy Idol, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. Now I have nothing wrong with any of those bands, but it would be enjoyable to hear more of a variety in the competition.

Speaking of said competition, since this is the purpose of the show (I think), it was lacking this week to say the least. Now last week I put the gang into three distinct groups that appeared to be iron-clad at the time. I still stand firm in my belief that there are only four who can ultimately become lead singer of Supernova, but perhaps the delineations are more organic than I originally assumed. The Gilligan’s Island theme song was changed after the first season to include the Professor and Mary Ann by name, so allow me to work it ala Missy Elliot, put my thing down, flip it, and reverse it to remove the also-rans from mention.

Lukas, Toby, Dilana, and Magni are the only ones who can win this thing. Zayra, Josh, and Ryan are so far out of their element its amazing they were even selected for the show. The rest should enjoy their television exposure while it lasts.

There were only three performances this week that I would call good, and with that said none were great. If the show weren’t a big enough joke already, the fact that nobody showed enough tonight to warrant fronting this “supergroup” doesn’t help matters. After being very unsure about what direction he was taking the song (and why he wasn’t doing anything with the guitar strapped to him), Lukas won me over with the powerful crecendo to his take on “Bittersweet Symphony.” Dana did a solid and surprisingly eerie acoustic version of “About a Girl,” which I also enjoyed. With that said, I don’t think it was the right type of performance for Supernova. She is talented, but not in the style of Tommy, Gilby, and Jason. The only other singer to show up this week was Google’s favorite search subject, Storm Large. She closed the show with gusto performing “Anything, Anything,” and even capped it off with a boobs-first stage dive.

With the rest of the contestants ranging from forgotten to awful, the voting should be wide open this week. Learning that what the Supernovans say has a big influence on the voting masses, I am not picking all three of my least favorite to vie for elimination this week. Rather I am going to try to predict what you, the fans, will decide, so without further ado the predictions:

Encore – Storm Large (sans the Balls)

Bottom three – Zayra (despite the best efforts of her blue latex outfit), Josh (cause its not called Soul Star), and Phil (the bobble-head doll). Phil replaces Jill, who was in the bottom three as the show went off the air, because Gilby’s presence will save Jill for one more week.

Eliminated – Zayra. As long as she’s in the bottom three, she’s gone. Buh-bye.


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