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Friday Filecabinet 7.2

Posted by Adam on July 21, 2006

Its Friday so that must mean its times once again to open up the filecabinet. Why 7.2? Second edition of the FFC for the seventh month of the year. Its not rocket science people. A couple of follow-ups to posts earlier in the week and a couple of cool links this go around. Let’s do this . . .

  • Yesterday I wrote about how the Atlanta Braves should start building for the future and realize that the dream is over, and within minutes of my posting they go ahead and do the exact opposite. Enter Bob Wickman, a closer in his mid-thirties with a one year contract. My head shaking is involuntary, I swear. I hope it works out for the Braves, I really do, but this isn’t the direction they need to be taking this season.
  • However, lots of people are heading in the right direction with increased interest in the ongoings of Rock Star: Supernova, which I think is great. It’s getting tough to tell which is more messed up, Tommy Lee or the show as a whole. Either way it makes for must-see TV in this weak summer line-up. I know it airs against another jewel of the summer, Last Comic Standing, but LCS replays at least twice on Bravo, so you can catch it then and watch Rock Star live. And for those of you too lazy to google Storm Large on your own, here you go: Don’t say I never do anything for you.
  • Speaking of Last Comic Standing, not to sound like a sexist or anything, but I dare anyone to make a case as to why any of the women deserved to move into the Queen Mary, let alone still be around at this point in time. There are funny women comedians. Ellen DeGeneres is funny, so is Kathy Griffin, but the ones on this show are not. Equality is all fine and good, but when you steal work from more deserving people it is not. Being able to enjoy five minutes of Josh Blue almost makes up for it though. At first I thought that his cerebal paulsy might take away from the comedy, but the boy is funny!
  • Also in the world of funny (you digging these excellent transitions yet?), there is a fantastic edit of the Big Lebowski floating around YouTube. Only ten films have featured the word “fuck” more in their dialogue than the 260 utterances in this Coen Brothers classic. You can enjoy them all in the Fucking Short Version of this wonderful movie about mistaken identity and bowling.  And on that note I’m off to make myself a Caucasian and enjoy the weekend.

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