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Rock Star: Supernova week 3

Posted by Adam on July 18, 2006

I swear they picked “Runaway Train” as one of the songs this week just to toy with us all, because there aren’t many songs that could describe Rock Star: Supernova much better. What started out as a public service announcement to make people aware of joys of the show last week has now turned into a weekly recap column. In lieu of giving you a blow by blow on the “concert”, as Brooke Burke would say, I am going to assume that you watched the event yourself and just give my initial reactions. Now that we’re on the same page, let’s get going!

First a couple of general impressions regarding the show as a whole. This week’s show was far and away the most solid outing yet, and it was all thanks to song choice …. by the producers. Isn’t it amazing what happens when you don’t have Coldplay and Goo Goo Dolls to sit through? Its no coincidence that the performance level of everyone goes up a notch when there aren’t zonkers to be stuck with. The House Band continues to perform every song with zeal and gusto, and without those guys nobody would sound good. Speaking of the band, has anyone else noticed that “the rated R superstar” himself, Edge, is their bass player? Tommy Lee is getting drunker and hornier each time out. I can’t wait til the week that he passes out halfway through the show!

This week three groups of wannabes were formed: those who get it, those who don’t, and those who don’t care. It amazes me that certain “rockers” have no clue what the guys in Supernova are looking for. It disappoints me that a handful of these “rockers” are just trying to make a name for themselves with no regard to winning the competition. At least there are a few individuals who are actually trying to win. Let’s take a look at each of these groups.

The “get its” include Lukas, Toby, Magni, Phil, Patrice, and Dilana. Only four of these six are capable of becoming the lead singer for Supernova. Lukas was able to channel the spirit of Mick Jagger tonight while performing a Stones song that he would never have selected if he didn’t have to. This guy is such a good fit that I’ll even forgive the white belt tonight. Toby seemed rushed tonight, but this guy has his eye on the prize and should be able to rebound nicely next week. Magni continues to impress me more and more each week. The first two weeks he showed energy but was screaming his songs. This week he showed that he has some singing chops as well. I really can’t stand the sound of Dilana’s voice, but the woman has more stage presence than anyone else in the competition. The fact that she looks the part doesn’t hurt her chances either. Phil and Patrice are in this group mainly because they don’t fit into the other two groups. I don’t think he can win, but this week’s performance by Phil was one of the best of the night and it moved him out of the “don’ts.” You can tell both are making an effort, but ultimately neither have shown any consistency.

The “don’ts” have to include Jill, Ryan, Dana, and Zayra. If these four are not eliminated before everyone else then somebody’s getting screwed over. Jill just doesn’t have the pipes to stay in this competition for long. She gets overpowered by every song she tackles, and she keeps making the wrong choices. Ryan attempted to show a hardcore edge tonight and failed miserably. When he did “Iris” in week one that was probably the right choice for him, sadly its totally wrong for the likes of Supernova. Dana was game tonight covering Bon Jovi. That’s the type of music she is good at, but again that is also not the type of music that will make you a winner on Rock Star. And then there’s Zayra. I’m starting to think she mistook this show for American Idol. I haven’t seen her perform one true rock song yet, and I’m pretty sure I never will. If she isn’t gone after tomorrow’s show there is something fishy going on.

Our last group is the “don’t cares”, which include Josh, Jenny, and Storm. Josh proved tonight he is just looking out for numero uno with a version of “Come As You Are” which just didn’t work at all for me. He has a distinct sound that doesn’t seem capable of being altered, nor does it seem like he has any intention of altering it to front this band. Supernova is set to play The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, but I get the impression that Jenny would rather let you know where she will be playing her acoustic set that night instead. By focusing more on her run-of-the-mill guitar playing and less on actually performing rock songs, she has made it clear that Tommy, Gilby, and Jason need not consider her for their band. Last, but certianly not least, there is Storm. Storm Large. Lead singer of Storm Large and the Balls. Storm Large, poser of provocative photos. Wanna buy the shirt? You can get both designs if you wish! How do I know so much about our favorite sexpot? I just followed the advice she game Tommy … I google’d her (and I suggest you do as well). Thanks for playing Storm. Hope the Balls enjoy the press you’re giving them.

Prediction time. Bottom three: Zayra, Jenny, and Ryan. Buh-bye Zayra. Magni gets the encore.


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