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Movie Haikus

Posted by Adam on July 18, 2006

This is what happens when I am bored. Enjoy the following 17 syllable synopses of hit movies.

Luthor steals crystals;
Plot to make new world foiled.
Superman Returns.

Jack wants Dead Man’s Chest;
Will and Liz want to be wed.
Disney’s Pirates 2!

A cure for mutants?
Government makes it weapon.
X-men: The Last Stand.

A mission from G-d.
Concert saves the orphanage!
It’s The Blues Brothers.

Cops make Verbal talk,
Ask who is Keyser Soze?
Usual Suspects.

Graduates form frat.
Will Ferrell going streaking!
Blue’s our boy! Old School.

He’s a nobody,
But Creed gives him title shot.
Proves himself. Rocky.

He earns a rematch,
And beats Apollo this time.
New champ! Rocky II.

Clubber Lang is next.
Cue up “Eye of the Tiger.”
Champ wins. Rocky III.

Drago’s punch kills Creed.
Balboa resolves Cold War.
Still Champ. Rocky IV.

Don’t watch this movie.
It will tarnish the others.
Forget Rocky V.

Anakin’s a kid.
Pod race is cool. Darth Maul dies.
The Phantom Menace.

There’s lots of talking,
But Yoda kicks some Sith ass!
Star Wars II: Clone Wars.

Ani joins dark side.
Luke and Leia born at end.
Revenge of the Sith.

Luke becomes Jedi.
Obi-wan dies; Death Star too.
Star Wars: A New Hope.

Lando sells out Han
To Jabba. Luke loses hand.
Empire Strikes Back.

Luke beats Darth Vader;
Turns him good. Fucking Ewoks!
Return of Jedi.


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