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Posted by Adam on July 14, 2006

Bunch of random stuff that I want to touch on today, but none enough that I feel they warrant an entire entry to themselves. So its rapid fire observations today. If we are all lucky, this will become a weekly event. Here we go!

  • I was watching a documentary on the evolution of punk rock, surprisingly enough called “Punk: Attitude!” Its a well made film that I would recommend if you are remotely interested in the subject matter, but that is not why I bring it up. At one point in the film Chrissy Hinde (who would later go onto fame as the front woman for The Pretenders) was talking about an early punk group she was in called The Damned. Evidently The Damned was not her first choice for a band name. Turns out she wanted to name the group Mike Hunt’s Honorable Discharge. How amazing of a name is that? Clearly it works better if a woman is involved in some way, shape, or form, but regardless of who I am with that is definately my next name for team trivia.
  • I’m out with a buddy last Saturday watching UFC 61 at a local bar. It was my first UFC ppv, and boy what a terrible event I picked out. Shamrock-Ortiz lasted 90 seconds tops after referee Herb Dean did his best Earl Hebner impersonation and stopped the fight way too prematurely , and Arlovsky-Sylvia went to a decision after 25 minutes of anti-action. Neither guy did anything in the fight. I don’t even think there was a single takedown. The dullest five rounds of MMA I’ve ever seen, and these are supposed to be the two top heavyweights right now. There was a silver lining to the event though. Turns out that one of the big training groups for the fighters is called Cobra Kai. Yes, they named themselves after the evil dojo in the Karate Kid movies! I kept waiting for an old Japanese guy to come out of the crowd with a Brookly teen at his side in the crane position.
  • Speaking of movie franchises from the 80’s, I think we have to accept the fact that Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky VI) is a reality. Props to them getting Anotnio Tarver to play the nemesis. He’s one of the top light heavyweight’s today, so the boxing scenes should look realistic … except for the fact that he’s facing Sly Stallone … who’s gotta be pushing 60 … and hasn’t been in anything remotely successful in like a decade. As far as Tarver’s character’s name goes, I’m still undecided as to whether or not I’m a fan: Mason “The Line” Dixon. Sure its a cute reference to a term nobody cares about after U.S. history classes in school, but “The Line” is a terrible nickname on its own. Who did he beat to become champ? Harley “The Tariff” Smoot?
  • Lets wrap things up with some current movie talk. Over the last week I went and saw both Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Both were entertaining, required little thought to enjoy, and long (clocking in at two and a half hours a piece). The length was evident in Superman, as I thought the second half of the movie was drawn out, as was the ending. I think if it was edited a little differently, and a half hour was cut out of it, it would have been great. With that said, the acting was wonderful across the board, especially Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor, and the story, while not as action packed as you might expect, was intriguing. Pirates kept the action going non-stop, and while I also felt that the story was a bit drawn out, the movie did not have the empty moments slowing it down that Superman did. Also the ending, without giving anything away, is fantastic, and does a wonderful job of setting up the third installment next summer. So after careful consideration the grades are in: Superman gets a B, and Pirates gets an A-. Check them both out if you get the chance, but if you only have time for one I’d recommend Pirates.

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