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Atlanta Spirit Comes To Senses

Posted by Adam on July 12, 2006

I still think the five of them have no clue what they are doing, but the NBA and NHL must have gotten to them.  Mercifully, the estranged ownership group of the Hawks and Thrashers, Atlanta Spirit, were able to come to a new resolution concerning their teams abilities to deal with player contracts.  As noted here a few days ago, Steve Belkin is fighting the other members of the ownership group in court for sole control of the franchises.  Due to our country’s wonderful system of appeals, a ruling was made that limited contract length for any players the Hawks and Thrashers wanted to sign to one year.  A new agreement was reached that allows the teams to sign and acquire new contracts with lengths up to four years, as long as the teams stay under their respective league’s salary cap.

This is great news for Atlanta sports fans.  Now franchise goalie Kari Lehtonen can sign a long term deal.  Also, this move paves the way for the much anticipated sign-and-trade deal of Al Harrington.  Rumors are swirling that Golden State is the most likely partner in the deal with Troy Murphy and/or Mickael Pietrus coming to the Hawks in return.  Murphy is a solid rebounder, but he also has a penchant for shooting three pointers, and thus being out of position for offensive rebounds.  Pietrus is an interesting prospect though.  Last season he showed glimpses of offensive potential while starting in place of Mike Dunleavy Jr and Jason Richardson when they were injured.  He could be a nice compliment to Josh Childress.  Indiana is the only other team who seems to have a strong interest in Harrington, though I am not sure what they could offer that would be enticing.  With the Hawks’ signing of Speedy Claxton, the point guard position is sured up, so adding Jamaal Tinsley or Anthony Johnson to the team wouldn’t be a big improvement.  I am still holding out hope that somehow a deal can be struck with Philadelphia to bring AI to the ATL.  This would be perhaps the only move the Hawks could make that would guarantee fans show up to their games.


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